What are the upsides of being a data scientist?

Answer by William Chen:

I selected three quotes from the first three chapters of the Data Science Handbook (these 3 chapters are available for free!) that answer this question very well.

Data science exposes you to many parts of the business

As a data scientist, you're part of the feedback loop for many of the features and decisions that are happening in the company, both within your product team and outside of it. You get to touch a lot more surface area in the company.

I think what data gives you is a unique excuse to interact with many different functions of a business. As a result, you tend to be more in the center and that means you get to understand what lots of different functions are, what other people do, how you can interact with them. In other words, you’re constantly in the fight rather than being relegated to the bench. So you get a lot of time on the field. That’s what changes things. – Dj Patil

Many organizations are seeking ways to better use their data

It’s incredibly exciting, and it’s still in an early phase. I’m not going to go into the cliché of how much data we’re collecting and how all of these organizations are collecting more and more data. Many people have talked more eloquently than I can about that. But it’s true. Organizations have tons and tons of data, and they don’t necessarily know what to do with it. They’re starting to think about what to do with it, and they need help from people like us to actually do that work. – Michelangelo D'Agostino

Data science gives you tremendous versatility in your career

Because of the pace at which the world changes, the only way to prepare yourself is by having that dynamic range. I think what we’re realizing also is that different things give you different elements of dynamic range. Right now data is one of those because it’s so scarce. People are getting the fact that this is happening. It gives a disproportionate advantage to those who are data savvy. – Dj Patil

What are the upsides of being a data scientist?


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