What should a 25-year-old, broke, and jobless person, with huge dreams do?

Answer by Rizwan Aseem:

"Ugly Truth Revealed! 25 Year Old Has Head Stuck Up His A$$!"

In recent news a 25 year old got fired from his job that in his own words was 'not the dream job…" The youth further iterated that this lay off was due to circumstantial reasons.

Though the youth was only partially delusional thinking the "ugly truth" in life was that he has to "evaluate whether he should follow his passion or find a job".

Missing out the real truth – that he has his head up his a$$.

                                                         – Report By Our Staff Correspondent.

The fact that you have been 'thinking' about the whole startup and calling yourself a want-repreneur should tell you that you're just f*&%ing around to avoid finding a job.

NEWS ALERT! Want-repreneur Is Someone Who Wants To Be An Entrepreneur But Doesn't Do Sh*t!

If you've got a passion in life – go out there and do it. You don't need anyone's permission. In fact, no one will give you permission. No one cares that you want to be an entrepreneur, EXCEPT YOU.

If you care – then go do it. But that's not all – let's take a look at all the questions you asked in this questions and figure out what you can do about your passion.

Read all the way through and I'll tell you some of the steps you can take to make your dream a reality. I'll give you the exact steps, but before that lets look at your questions…

A) Should I Keep Looking For A Job In Finance

The worst thing about starting a startup is that you need money – not just to fund the startup, but to fund yourself. If you don't have a job, you're stuck depending on your savings.

Savings run out really really fast. Startup grow really really slow. At least in the beginning. So look for a job, just so you don't have to spend your own cash to pay for your own lifestyle.

But How Will I Work On The Startups?

Typical office jobs are 9-5 weekends off. Even if you work late – because you work in finance, and have to commute for 2 hours everyday – you will still have 3 hours a day to your self.

Turn off the TV, stop watching Suits, and work on your startup in that 3 hours. Be hyper focused. Then dump the Friday night drinks with your friends and work on the weekend.

Work your ass off on the weekend to get the startup off the ground. Work 10 hours on Saturday and Sunday if you have to. That's 15 hours in the week, 20 hours on the weekend – and you've just put a full 35 hour work week on your startup.

While still getting paid on your finance job, and being able to pay rent and not have to eat Ramen Noodles all week.

B)  Have Some Decent Amount Of Cash And Then Take The Leap of Faith

Do you know how many startups fail? 95% – so the chances of your startup succeeding are 1 out of 20.

Since you got fired due to circumstantial reasons, I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're an unlucky guy.

If you take the leap of faith – you will lose your money. The parachute won't open and you'll be looking for a job in 6 months, with no money and desperation on your forehead.

Find the job – then work late nights, weekends, holidays even your lunch break on your startup to get it off the ground.

C) Find the First Decent Paying Job

Abso-frigging-lutely. Take the first decent paying job and then take it from there.

But take it from there means that you actually work on your startup. Don't talk about it. Don't tell your friends. Don't tell your family. Work on it.

Work your a$$ of on it. When your startup actually grow, you'll get the credit, your friends will come around, your family will be asking for their cut for supporting you, you will get the fame you want.

But until then if you tell them – you'll just end up looking like a fool if you fail. If you don't tell them, no one will know if you do fail. Success doesn't need a blow horn, people come knocking on the door anyway.

D) Start Over

Are you f*&%ing nuts… start over in another career, do another degree.

Look, what's wrong with this degree will be wrong with the next one, and the one after that.

Stop looking for excuses to run away from your dreams. Stop being a pussy, be a man and work towards your dreams.

Every house is built a brick at a time. So if you're thinking of creating the next Facebook – then write your first line of code.

Figure out the idea for your startup, and then take the first step. Register the domain, write the code, get a prototype made, sell to your first client.

Do something. 

Throw your hat in the ring, stop sitting on the sidelines.
E) Start Working Toward My Dreams, TODAY.

Hallelujah… Hallelujah… Hallelujah…

Now you're getting the point. Hell Yeah!!!

Get on with it and make waves in the world. Go out there and do things.

F) Stop F*&%ing Wasting Your Time

Now that you know what you have to do, go out there and do it. Don't waste your time thinking about it. The best thing you can do about your startup is to actually do something.

Here are a few steps that you can take today to actually start.

1. Write down what your startup will do.

2. Answer it in this form. I help _______ to do ________ by doing _________ without doing _______ in __________.

4. Fill in the blanks as follows.

Blank 1 = The market that you serve, the people who will buy your stuff
Blank 2 = The problem that you, your startup or your product solves. The results that they will get when they use this product
Blank 3 = The solution that solves the problem in blank 2
Blank 4 = The obstacles that the market's been facing so far
Blank 5 = The amount of time it will take for them to get results

5. Find 3 people in your target market and ask them to buy from you.

6. Ask them how much they would pay for this solution today.

7. Now that you know the target market, the product, the price point – go out and create a prototype. Even it it's really bad just make it and sell it to these 3 people.

8. Then use the feedback that you get from your customers and improve your product, marketing, and sales systems.

9. Finally, get up off your a$$ and do it. It's okay to fail a few times. But you have to get started to become successful.

A Few Things To Remember…

If you talk to your friends about your idea, you won't get started. They will tell you that your idea sucks, that no one would buy, or they will laugh at it. Don't believe them. You can do this.

If you talk to your family about your idea, you won't get started. They will tell you that you're too young, you don't have the experience to do a startup, that you are better with a job. Don't believe them. You can do this.

If you talk to any one else about your idea, you won't get started. They will tell you that you need to patent your idea, you need to get a ton of investment, that you need to spend years in development. Don't believe them. You can do this.

But to do this you have to get started. So go out there and start now.

Here's What You Do Next

Write down 10 things that you can do to help people today. Go ahead, pick up a pen or paper, or open a text document on your computer and write this down right now.

Don't read another answer – just write that down, then come back and post in the comments that you did it. That you got started. Go ahead and do that now.

What should a 25-year-old, broke, and jobless person, with huge dreams do?


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