It’s easy to feel as if securing a software development position at a top-tech firm isn’t achievable, so how can I make this dream a real…

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Answer by Brian Bi:

Well, I think the first step is to stop feeling like your objective is out of reach. And I think one way to do that is to talk to people who work for "top" tech companies yet don't seem "almost god-like".

I know you hear these stories about genius high school students winning multiple gold medals at the IOI and then getting hired by Facebook before they even start college (and yes, things like that really do happen) but you rarely hear about the software engineers that started off their careers at less well-known companies, gained skills and wisdom through experience, and then eventually became good enough to get hired by Facebook (and other well-known companies). Yet, such people vastly outnumber the geniuses, and with hard work and dedication to your craft, maybe you'll be able to follow in their footsteps.

If your school has career fairs, try approaching some of the software engineers from the companies you so desire to work at, striking up a pleasant conversation, and then asking them about their careers and how they ended up where they are today. They might even have some advice you'll find especially relevant, since many companies try to send alumni to those events.

I can also give you some general advice, that I would give to anyone considering a career in software development: What are the top 10 pieces of career advice Brian Bi would give to future software engineers?

It's easy to feel as if securing a software development position at a top-tech firm isn't achievable, so how can I make this dream a real…


How do I annoy a Computer Science student?

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Answer by Vishal Anand:

You want to piss off a CS student ?
Here are your options :
 – Say Internet Explorer is better than FF/Chrome
 – Java and JavaScript is same
 – Anybody can code by copy pasting code from internet
 -Change search engine from Google to – What's Your Question?
 -Dark editor themes suck!
 -Coding at night is showoff
 -Nobody cares about your code !
 -Who writes comments ? comments are written by junior devs
 -Code Indentation ?? Who does that ?
 -I copy pasted this code from other solution and now it doesn't work here WHY ? SHOULDN'T IT WORK ? WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING ?
– .NET is all about drag and drop LOL
– I don't need to learn JS, Jquery is awesome !
– How can I learn C, C++ , C#, Algorithms etc in 24 hours ?
-You are Software engineer, can you hack my gf's facebook ?
-CS student ? Please fix my internet!
-CS student ? Please help me assemble desktop under 10K
-I need Mac Book so that I can start coding.
-Microsoft sucks, Notepad is better than Visual Studio.
-How many software do you have ? I have 100+ like Nero, Norton, Winamp etc etc.
-This IDE is less than 20 MBs it wouldn't be good. Nah I must look for other options.
-Why read Books when codes are there on internet !
-I can't waste my money on some programming book!
-Why can't you just leave programming ? Its boring.
-Do you have dumps for XYZ certification ?
-Your code is short and simple, Nah you need to work hard on that one.
-Sir, this program is having some bug can you help me fix it ? Teacher : Idiot see you have not written this comment from Xerox.
-Ha ha you made you Final Year project by yourself , see I purchased it and I have same marks as you.
-MySQL, SQL Server – No difference!
-What is there in coding, all hits are anyways provided by auto-code completions
-Don't waste your time, just google /SO and copy paste it!
-Just do a dirty fix and move to production
-Hardcode the damn values, nobody will know!
-Hey why are you creating a new class/namespace/regions , write it here somewhere, you need to learn how to be productive….
-Ohhh I see Google is opened in a tab, I know you are copy pasting the code….
-Everything is already implemented,there may be few minor bugs just takeover while this guy goes on vacation.
-You write HTML LOL
-Hey don't waste your time writing test cases
-You joined CS because there are hot chicks in CS!
-Mech Rulz CS sucks….

How do I annoy a Computer Science student?

What statistics courses should I take to become a data scientist?

Answer by William Chen:

General Courses

In general, I would recommend statistics courses that fall into the following categories:

  1. Classes that introduce you to data science and probability
  2. A class that involves getting, cleaning, and manipulating data
  3. A class that involves machine learning
  4. A class that involves data analysis (as many as you can)
  5. A class that involves predictive modeling

Specific Courses

I'm going to list the statistics courses that I outlined at What classes should I take if I want to become a data scientist?. These are some of the statistics classes that would be very helpful for a data science career.

Theoretical Foundation

  • Probability
  • Statistical Inference

Extremely Useful

  • Data science
  • Machine learning
  • Linear modeling
  • Predictive modeling

Data Analysis Techniques and Tools

  • Time series analysis
  • Statistical software
  • Experimental design
  • Survey analysis
  • Causal inference
  • Bayesian data analysis
  • Nonparametric methods

What statistics courses should I take to become a data scientist?