How do I annoy a Computer Science student?

hahaha -> Answer on @Quora by Vishal Anand to How do I annoy a Computer Science student?

Answer by Vishal Anand:

You want to piss off a CS student ?
Here are your options :
 – Say Internet Explorer is better than FF/Chrome
 – Java and JavaScript is same
 – Anybody can code by copy pasting code from internet
 -Change search engine from Google to – What's Your Question?
 -Dark editor themes suck!
 -Coding at night is showoff
 -Nobody cares about your code !
 -Who writes comments ? comments are written by junior devs
 -Code Indentation ?? Who does that ?
 -I copy pasted this code from other solution and now it doesn't work here WHY ? SHOULDN'T IT WORK ? WHY IS THIS NOT WORKING ?
– .NET is all about drag and drop LOL
– I don't need to learn JS, Jquery is awesome !
– How can I learn C, C++ , C#, Algorithms etc in 24 hours ?
-You are Software engineer, can you hack my gf's facebook ?
-CS student ? Please fix my internet!
-CS student ? Please help me assemble desktop under 10K
-I need Mac Book so that I can start coding.
-Microsoft sucks, Notepad is better than Visual Studio.
-How many software do you have ? I have 100+ like Nero, Norton, Winamp etc etc.
-This IDE is less than 20 MBs it wouldn't be good. Nah I must look for other options.
-Why read Books when codes are there on internet !
-I can't waste my money on some programming book!
-Why can't you just leave programming ? Its boring.
-Do you have dumps for XYZ certification ?
-Your code is short and simple, Nah you need to work hard on that one.
-Sir, this program is having some bug can you help me fix it ? Teacher : Idiot see you have not written this comment from Xerox.
-Ha ha you made you Final Year project by yourself , see I purchased it and I have same marks as you.
-MySQL, SQL Server – No difference!
-What is there in coding, all hits are anyways provided by auto-code completions
-Don't waste your time, just google /SO and copy paste it!
-Just do a dirty fix and move to production
-Hardcode the damn values, nobody will know!
-Hey why are you creating a new class/namespace/regions , write it here somewhere, you need to learn how to be productive….
-Ohhh I see Google is opened in a tab, I know you are copy pasting the code….
-Everything is already implemented,there may be few minor bugs just takeover while this guy goes on vacation.
-You write HTML LOL
-Hey don't waste your time writing test cases
-You joined CS because there are hot chicks in CS!
-Mech Rulz CS sucks….

How do I annoy a Computer Science student?


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