Why do people quit their jobs at dream companies like Facebook or Google?

Answer by Daniel Tunkelang:

I can only speak for my own decision to leave Google. It's a great company full of amazingly talented people with access to incredible resources.

So why leave? Google was simply too big for me. I'd come from Endeca, a startup that I helped grow from a founding team to 500, and I didn't realize how different it would be to join a large company where the connection was inherently less personal. It simply wasn't a good fit for me.

I left Google after a year to join LinkedIn — then a 700-person company — and my role there was much more expansive and more personal. In my 4.5 years there I worked with groups across the company, getting involved any effort where I could productively contribute. It was awesome!

But growth happens. By the time LinkedIn reached 7000 people it wasn't the same company for me. I was ready for something small again — and something far more personal.

So I joined the team at Lyra Health as CTO last month, where I'm again involved in everything we need to do to succeed in our mission — which is to help millions of people by transforming behavioral health.

In short, there's no such thing as a dream company. It's up to us to dream, and to find the opportunies that align with those dreams. Good luck finding yours!

Why do people quit their jobs at dream companies like Facebook or Google?


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